6 ways to drape women's stole with style | Doridhaga

6 ways to drape women's stole with style | Doridhaga

Women's Stole 

Women's silk stole are among the warmest, coziest, and most elegant choices when it involves winter attire. In contrast to alternative winter wear, you'll be able to drape the stole in multiple ways where you will look stylish as well as warm. Our stole collection on DoriDhaga can help you with just that.

Why every woman should include Stole in their winter collection?

If you think the stole is the attire of older people, you cannot be more wrong. Yes, It can be boring to pick only one way to drape a stole; however, silk stoles are often worn in a very multitude of classic and innovative ways. You don't have to select just one style and continue with it for the rest of eternity. With a little creativity, switching between striking, distinctive statements and a conventional look is easy with stoles and scarves. 

Here are six ways to drape your stole to stay warm and fashionable this wedding season-

  • The Neck Wrap
It is the best choice for women who always feel cold. Even if you are wrapped from head to toe, the cold can seep thru the neck. To protect it against the cold, wrap the stole all over your neck in multiple layers. After you have a little portion of the scarf left to drape, let it drop loose and tuck the tip into the layers to secure it. This look can keep your neck heated and secure while looking dashing on any outfit.
neck wrap womens shawl
  • The Cozy Jacket 
You can remodel any look with this easy draping trick. Take the stole and drape it around your shoulder till you're cozy. Then, put the shawl in its place with a belt, and you are done. The most wonderful thing about this look is that you will get a new appearance with each shawl you have. You can find many stole fitting for this look at the DoriDhaga shop.
womens comfy jacket
  • Traditionally, But In Reverse
For this look, let the stole ends hang down your back by simply holding the stole in front and draping it over the shoulders like a dupatta. The material can sway within the breeze behind you as you walk, all while slightly covering up your neck. This style comes in handy when you are unsure of the weather and are not taking any chances by leaving your stole at home.
  • Over The Arms
You can additionally drape a stole casually over each of the arms. This look goes absolutely with the sarees having a blouse in a different style because it permits the blouse to be visible instead of covering it.
over the hands womens shawl
  • Belt The Stole
A gorgeous stole combined with a saree deserves to be on this list. This style looks pretty beautiful, especially with the silk stole and is fairly simple to pull off. Hold the stole in your front horizontally and tie the matching belt around your waist. This looks noticeably classy and sober for any family function or family event.
womens shawl
  • Knot In The Back
Wear a stole like a dupatta, where the entire width of the stole covers your front. Take the two ends and make a knot at the back. You can style your stole
like this with a skirt, saree, or dress. You can also choose a bareback style to
add extra spice to your look.


There are many more ways to style a stole, as I have listed here. And even if you do not find them to your liking, you can always make your style with some imagination and creativity. Anyways, I hope you have found this article helpful.